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The sun sets over the fjord in Longyearbyen, Svalbard. The long summer days - and long winter nights - are part of what makes the Arctic so unique and vulnerable.

Massive icebergs, like this one near Greenland, are commonplace in the Arctic. Beautiful and majestic though they are, they are a danger to navigation.

Bergs calved from Helheim glacier, into Sermilik Fjord on south east Greenland. Helheim shows alarming signs of increased melt and flow rate. If Greenland's ice sheet were to completely melt, it would cause sea level to rise by seven metres.

One of the many deserted fjords in Greenland. The low population density, while preserving the environment, also means that less help is available for clean up in case of an oil spill.

A polar bear walks along the edge of 'the ice bridge' in the Robeson channel, at 82.4 north, near the border between Greenland and Canada. Polar bears are facing extinction as they are losing vast areas of their sea ice habitat due to global warming.

As the Exxon Valdez oil spill proved, it is extremely difficult to clean-up an oil spill in Arctic conditions. Many years after this disaster, oil is still found in Prince William Sound, affecting the local wildlife.

As the world doesn't move away from its oil addiction, oil companies are moving into the Arctic to drill for more, ignoring the dangers of and to this environment. In 2010, Cairn Energy started exploratory drilling off the West coast of Greenland.
Oil drilling in the Arctic is made more dangerous because of the risk of collision between drifting icebergs and drill ships.
Recent event, like a relatively small oil spill in Norway, have shown that the presence of ice makes clean-up extremely difficult in case of accident.

The Arctic is feeling the effects of climate change faster than most places on the planet. The shrinking sea ice is having effects on the coastline, like here in Shishmaref, Alaska. The absence of sea ice until very late in the year is accelerating erosion and causing some locals to lose their homes. In the past the ice would protect the island against the waves which nowadays eat away Shishmaref 6-15 meters per year. These days there is no ice until the end of December.


The yearly summer sea ice melt is a clear indicator

of the impact climate change is having on the Arctic.


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