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I saw a tweet pop up in my Twitter at 3:07am of today! Touting Tweeterfollow.com and its ability to get you 400 followers a day. (Other similar, possibly affiliated services are tweeteradder.com, twitter-train.com, and twittertrain.info.)

I took a look at their homepage and read the fine print. While the advantage of gaining mass numbers of random twitter followers is debatable, the real problem with this service is that they use your account for further promotion of their site. And if you don?t read the rules, you freely give them your Twitter account login and password, and they don?t hesitate to take advantage of this.

- See this complaint from a Twitter user wherein they cancelled their Tweeterfollow.com account, changed their twitter password, and were then locked out of their account because Tweeterfollow was still attempting to spam their account with the old login info. See the comments in this thread on how to prevent tweeterfollow from locking you out of your account. Be aware it does requiring changing your username, which they indicate will allow you to retain your followers but people won't be able to @reply to your old username.

On a Twitter test account, I got only 25/50 followers in 24 hours (while having to follow 151 others), so take their claims of 400+ followers a day with a grain of salt. The number of followers may ramp up but it's certainly not 400+ out of the gate. See also this review indicating that the claim of XXX followers a day may be bogus.
Be sure to read the Tweeterfollow.com rules, which state.
You have to add all vip users and 20 regular users to join the train.
We may use your account to promote our services, with the exception of VIP account.
The fee for VIP is non-refundable.

-After payment, give us up to 6 hours to update your VIP status
If you fail to read these rules, you end up handing over your account information, and they will use your account to tweet their own promotions. The website shows nearly 9000 members.

A Google search turns up cries for help from people attempting to opt out of the service after Tweeterfollow.com uses their account to spam promotions.
If you have already signed up and now you want out, login to Tweeterfollow.com and close your account via the links provided. For good measure, change your Twitter password after you have closed your account.
Moral of the story: always read the fine print.
- Additional services that reserve the right to hijack your account for their own site promotion:

After publish this, i just check it and the website still down since nearly 3h00 until now without information on! Something is rong!!!


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